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Upcoming Events

Fall B: Short Term Tuition Loan Applications available

Fall B: Short Term Tuition Loan Applications available

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Getting overwhelmed with dates and assignments in your calendar? Join us for this event to clear the clutter and get organized and color...

SGA Senate Meetings

Join SGA at their weekly SGA Senate Meetings. This is an opportunity to connect with the voice of the students by engaging with the SGA Senators elected by...

Sukhe Soul Flow

Sukhe Soul Flow is a movement-based event that invites you on a journey through sound and into rhythmic flow with your body. We combine breath, sound, and...

FIU Music Hour on WDNA

WE ARE BACK AND PERFORMING LIVE AT THE WDNA GALLERY! We invite you to virtually meet FIU's faculty, students, and alumni with a series of interviews and...

SGA Cabinet Meetings

Learn about the SGA cabinet and the programs and projects being worked on by your fellow Panthers!