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Sunday, October 27

NFL Pick'Em

Are you heavily invested in Fantasy Leagues? Want your favorite player to win? For the first time ever, The IM leagues is hosting their first ever NFL...


Seasonal King Tides (highest of the high tides) happen each year and have been causing flooding in our urban Miami community. The Sea Level Solutions Center...

Team USA x FIU

Become a USA weightlifting Level 1 Coach NOW at our very own Wellness & Recreation Center. Register for USA Weightlifting Certification

Budokon Yoga

Come practice a combination of the beneficial aspects of yoga, martial arts and meditation. This class is designed to improve strength, while toning your...

Screening of Documentary Film Same God

In December 2015, the political rhetoric against Muslims was escalating. Dr. Larycia Hawkins, an African-American political science professor at Wheaton...

FIU Music Festival 2019: Kemal Gekic and Frank Cooper

Join world-renowned musicologist Frank Cooper and FIU Artist-in-Residence and preeminent pianist Kemal Gekic for an intimate multimedia presentation and...


Kick your semester off by joining the kickball team! Think you got what it takes? Register by 9/5/19 to kick off your competition!

Sunday, October 27