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Monday, September 30

 Kindsight—Photographs by Robert G. Zuckerman

KINDSIGHT® uses images and words together to illuminate and celebrate the richness of everyday life, through random encounters and moments. It recognizes...

Exhibition: MEMORYLOSS—Works by the Inaugural CARTA-Bauhaus International Exchange Artist, Markus Hoffmann

MEMORYLOSS is the first exhibition in Miami of Markus Hoffmann, the inaugural CARTA-Bauhaus International Exchange Artist. For more information on the...

FIU in DC: SmartCities Week, Washington, DC

On behalf of the Smart Cities Council, I am delighted to introduce you to Smart Cities Week, our annual gathering of our community of partners, cities and...

GCE Mini Grants

Global Civic Engagement (GCE) Mini Grants is based out of the Center for Leadership and Service (CLS) and is funded by Wells Fargo to expand global awareness...

GOJA-iChangeFIU Social Innovation Challenge

Do you or a group of friends have an idea to address a need on campus or that benefits the community? The GOJA-iChangeFIU Social Innovation Challenge is the...

NFL Pick'Em

Are you heavily invested in Fantasy Leagues? Want your favorite player to win? For the first time ever, The IM leagues is hosting their first ever NFL...

  Exhibition: Macro to Micro / Mapping Infrastructures in  the City

Exhibition: Macro to Micro / Mapping Infrastructures in the City Sudent work from the" Art in Public Space: Macro to Micro" seminar Instructors:...

 Exhibition: Bad Reputation

Photo courtesy of Lyes Karbouai, Untitled, 2018/19, Digital Photography Bad Reputation is the thesis exhibition for FIU MFA Candidate Belaxis...

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Search and Screen Meeting for the Director of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity.

Calculus 2 Study Halls (FALL 2019)

Need additional help with MAC 2312? Join the CfAS Calculus 2 study halls. No need to make an appointment!

Pre Calculus & Trigonometry Study Halls (FALL 2019)

Need additional help in Pre Calculus & Trigonometry? Join the CfAS Pre Calculus & Trigonometry study halls. No appointment needed!

Lyft Office Hours

Interested in a 2020 software engineering internship at Lyft? Or just want to learn more? Swing by our office hours to chat with our software engineers or...


Learn proper techniques of the three main powerlifting movements and progress them in terms of strength. Increase your muscle mass and improve your body fat...

Lyft Mock Interviews and Technical Interview Workshop

Getting ready for technical coding interviews? Our software engineers are ready to help! We'll have group mock interviews followed by a technical interview...

Math and Science After-School Tutoring

UBMS Students, please bring any relevant homework, tests, quizzes, or study guides to receive the best possible tutoring experience. Our tutor can work with...

Bioseminar series: The art of being small: implications of miniaturisation on insect vision and behavior

Seminar by Dr. Ravindra Palavalli-Nettimi (Department of Biological Sciences, FIU) presenting his research on how being tiny affects vision and behavior in...

Business Calculus Study Halls (FALL 2019)

Need extra help in Business Calculus? Join the CFAS Business Calculus Study Halls. No need to schedule an appointment.

Calculus 3 Study Halls (FALL 2019)

Need additional help in MAC 2313? Join the CfAS Calculus 3 study halls. No need to schedule an appointment!

7v7 Flag Football

Seize the day and lead your team to a championship!! Join our 7v7 Flag Football at the WRC!! Register by 9/5/19

Physics Study Halls (FALL 2019)

Need extra help in Physics? Join the Physics Study Halls if you are taking PHY 2048, PHY 2053, PHY 2049, or PHY 2054.


Archery is back! Get a hands on experience when you sign up and aim your way towards the goal!

Acro Yoga

Build Trust and Balance Take your yoga practice to a whole new level with an introduction of acro yoga in L-basing and standing techniques.

Muay Thai

Taught by Joshua Mendez, you can master "the art of eight limbs." Muay Thai is a martial arts-based class that will teach you how to strike using feet,...

Virtuosity Music Showcase

RSVP by clicking the link below!FIU Student Music Showcase to give student artists the opportunity to raise awareness for themselves and gain performance...

Krav Maga

Learn the same combative and self-defense techniques taught to the Israeli Defense Forces. Taught by Joshua Mendez, these classes simulate real violent...

Monday, September 30