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Monday, January 27

GCE Mini Grants

Global Civic Engagement (GCE) Mini Grants is based out of the Center for Leadership and Service (CLS) and is funded by Wells Fargo to expand global awareness...

 Kindsight—Photographs by Robert G. Zuckerman

KINDSIGHT® uses images and words together to illuminate and celebrate the richness of everyday life, through random encounters and moments. It recognizes...

Exhibition:Common Spaces in Housing Units / Rozana Montiel Recent Practices

Common Spaces in Housing Units / Rozana Montiel Recent Practices Rozana Montiel is founder and director of the Mexico-based architectural practice – ROZANA...

Intellectual Property Student Association (IPSA): Copyright and Entertainment Law 101

Intellectual Property Student Association (IPSA): Copyright and Entertainment Law 101. Jonathan Wolff: Business & Entrepreneurship for the Creative...

Mindfulness Association Professor Panel: Overcoming Setbacks: Resilience in the legal profession

Join the Mindfulness Association for our second Professor Panel! We will have four professors from the College of Law join us to discuss setbacks in their...

National Student Exchange Info Session - MMC

Interested in learning more about the opportunities the National Student Exchange has to offer? Want to know more about National Student Exchange? Check out...

Peer Mentoring Information Session

The Center for Student Engagement is currently seeking individuals to join the Peer Mentor team for the Summer 2020 - Summer 2021 academic year. The Peer...

GL220/Dr. Julio Torres Lecture: The Effects of Instruction on Heritage Language Learners/Elizabeth Medina

Dr. Julio Torres will be presenting a lecture on the effects of instruction on heritage language learners.

Black Law Student Association - Policing the Criminal Justice System Part 1-4

The Black Law Student Association (BLSA) will be holding a week-long conversation about race relations, policing, and criminal justice. We will be inviting...

5v5 Basketball

Time to ball up the other competition with our 5v5 basketball. Bring your A game and become the next champion at the WRC. Deadline to register is 1/16/20.

3v3 Soccer

Put your FIFA skills to the test in our 3v3 Soccer. Bring the heat to the fields and become the next best thing. Deadline to register is 1/16/20.

4v4 Flag Football

Score a touchdown and become the next dominant force in the Football world. Dealdline to register is 1/16/20.

Monday, January 27