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Monday, February 17

GCE Mini Grants

Global Civic Engagement (GCE) Mini Grants is based out of the Center for Leadership and Service (CLS) and is funded by Wells Fargo to expand global awareness...

Racquetball League

Ball. Set. Serve. Sign up for our racquetball league at the WRC ! Last day to register is 1/29/20

 Kindsight—Photographs by Robert G. Zuckerman

KINDSIGHT® uses images and words together to illuminate and celebrate the richness of everyday life, through random encounters and moments. It recognizes...

Exhibition: Translator's Notes :Photography by Mirta Gómez Del Valle

Translator’s Notes: A body of work comprised of photographs, documents & artifacts Circa 21st Century. The exhibition is loosely based on notes from home, to...

International Network for Sustainable Ecosystem Services of a Tropical Biodiversity Hotspot Under Global Change

The purpose of the network is to establish a framework for collaboration between research teams at University of Copenhagen (UCPH) and US based partners from...

Presentation: The Miami Cancer Institute Biospecimen Repository Facility Program

Join us for a presentation on "The Miami Cancer Institute Biospecimen Repository Facility Program: Biobanking for Clinical and Translational Research" with...

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Workshop between Honors College and VP Ortiz to prepare for the ComPASS General Session

Job Offer/Salary Negotiation

This workshop provides students with the necessary skills to negotiate, research the market, and position themselves in the current job market.

Bioseminar series: Everglades Restoration - How we are changing operations to deliver better ecological outcomes across the watershed

Seminar by Dr. Jed Redwine (National Park Service) presenting restoration projects in Everglades National Park. Polycomm to BBC-MSB 105.

FIU Insights: The McClatchy Bankruptcy: the future of democracy and the press

How did we get here and what is at stake? FIU experts from journalism, business and political science will weigh in on what the future holds for local...

Beyond the Border: Immigration History, Policy and Identity

Join the Office of Global Learning Initiatives for our Spring 2020 NYT Keynote Lecture with New York Times Journalist, Caitlin Dickerson on Monday, February...

Global Learning: Immigration History Policy and Identity with New York Times Writer Caitlin Dickerson

Caitlin Dickerson is a national immigration reporter based in New York. Since joining The Times in 2016 she has broken news about the Trump administration’s...

HEARTS PAC Meeting 02/17

Join us to have some fun and learn a new dance. Comfortable clothes recommended. 1 Honors Point(caps at 5). The post HEARTS PAC Meeting 02/17 appeared first...

5v5 Basketball

Time to ball up the other competition with our 5v5 basketball. Bring your A game and become the next champion at the WRC. Deadline to register is 1/16/20.

MFJMCE Two-Day EU Conference: European Union-Caribbean Relations Revisited

Feb. 17-18, 2020 Two-day EU Conference: 'European Union-Caribbean relations revisited' This conference will bring together European, Caribbean and US...

3v3 Soccer

Put your FIFA skills to the test in our 3v3 Soccer. Bring the heat to the fields and become the next best thing. Deadline to register is 1/16/20.

4v4 Flag Football

Score a touchdown and become the next dominant force in the Football world. Dealdline to register is 1/16/20.

MIGF 2020 Opening Concert: Kaufman Concerto Premiere

The 2020 Miami International GuitART Festival kicks off with Fredrick Kaufman's Guitar Concerto Premiere. This highly anticipated concerto commissioned by...

Monday, February 17