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Friday, July 29

FIU CTS Seminar - Matthew Campen, Ph.D

When Smoke Causes Fire: Understanding the Cascade from Wildfire Smoke Inhalation to Neuroinflammation


Location of the Linda Fenner 3D Mobile Mammography Center van.

FIU seal

The White Coat Ceremony for the Class of 2026 will take place on Friday, July 29, 2022, at 10 AM in the Graham Center Ballrooms located on the FIU Modesto A....

Everything You need to Know About the 2022 Monkeypox Outbreak, A New Pandemic With Altered Clinical Features

Aileen Maria Marty, MD, Distinguished University Professor, Infectious Diseases will be presenting Everything You need to Know About the 2022 Monkeypox...

Development of User-friendly Tools and Decision-making Algorithms for Service Life Design of ABC Bridges

In this quarterly Research Seminar, Shima Mohebbi, Ph.D., Principal Investigator, and Mark Herman Dsouza, M.Sc. Student, present work under the ABC-UTC...

Friday, July 29

Statement of Free Expression

FIU endorses the Florida Board of Governors' Statement of Free Expression to support and encourage full and open discourse and the robust exchange of ideas and perspectives on our campuses. In addition to supporting this legal right, we view this as an integral part of our ability to deliver a high-quality academic experience for our students, engage in meaningful and productive research, and provide valuable public service. This includes fostering civil and open dialogue in support of critical thinking in and out of the classroom, including events hosted by the university.