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Thursday, July 7

Summer Session B: Reinstatement after cancellation for non-payment

Summer Session B: Reinstatement after cancellation for non-payment

Imposter Syndrome

This workshop focuses on increasing recognition and understanding of imposter syndrome, as well as learning tips and tricks to reduce the impact on daily life.

Parent Club | Let's Talk Tech (Free Webinar - English)

In this workshop, parents learn five key strategies to support healthy tech use at home including, guidelines for technology use, creating rules and...

"Oh, I see the vision" (Vision Board Workshop)

This vision board workshop will walk students throgh the themes of growth, change, and acceptance by guiding student through deep reflection.

5 Interviewing Do's & Don'ts Workshop for Business Majors

Interviewing well can get you the job offer. These tips will help you through the interview process and increase your chance of landing the job! RSVP in...

Parent Club | Niños pequeños y berrinches: Lo que padres deben saber (Español)

¡Criar a un niño pequeño no es fácil! Estamos aquí para apoyarte en ese viaje. En este taller, los cuidadores aprenderán sobre los niños pequeños, cómo...

Parent Club | ¡Hablemos de Tecnología! (Español)

En este taller, los padres aprenderán cinco estrategias claves para apoyar el uso saludable de la tecnología en el hogar, incluyendo pautas para el uso de la...

Graduate School Virtual Information Session: Graduate Funding

A Graduate Admissions representative will share with you an interactive presentation about one of the many facets of Graduate School at FIU. Each week a new...

Building Networks to Successfully Secure Local Contracts (Webinar)

Is your business looking to get into government contracting? Don’t know where to start? One of the best avenues to successfully grow your business through...

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Zoom is a reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, collaboration, chat, and webinars across mobile devices, desktops, telephones, and room...

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If you have questions about the exchange program or third-party program, you can meet virtually with our advisor.

Parent Club | Criando Adolescentes: Consejos de Supervivencia (Español)

En este taller, se le presentara a los padres los cinco consejos básicos para criar adolescentes con confianza y éxito. HAGA CLIC EN UNA FECHA PARA...

Parent Club | Parenting Teens: Survival Tips (Free Webinar - English)

In this workshop, parents are introduced to the five core tips for parenting teens with confidence and success.  CLICK ON A DATE TO REGISTER Jun 27 |...

Thursday, July 7

Statement of Free Expression

FIU endorses the Florida Board of Governors' Statement of Free Expression to support and encourage full and open discourse and the robust exchange of ideas and perspectives on our campuses. In addition to supporting this legal right, we view this as an integral part of our ability to deliver a high-quality academic experience for our students, engage in meaningful and productive research, and provide valuable public service. This includes fostering civil and open dialogue in support of critical thinking in and out of the classroom, including events hosted by the university.