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Friday, March 1

Divergence Exhibition

To celebrate Black History Month, stop by the Washington Gallery to see Divergence by FIU Alum Yves Gabriel,'17. Gabriel utilizes painting as a lens to...

FIU Law in Washington D.C. Fly-In

Open to FIU Law Students. Applications open on Oct 23 and close on Nov 26.

Living With Water Exhibition

Stop by FIU CARTA | Mana Wynwood to witness the creative exploration of bodies of water through the lens of Simone Stark's Tropical Landscapes students in...

Looking up to Milan Exhibition

ARC 5935 Special Topics Fall 2023, Faculty: Jason R. Chandler, FAIA Professor: Jason Chandler Fall 2023 elective student work Location: Design...

Spring: Spring Break (University open, no classes)

Spring: Spring Break (University open, no classes)

What is Learning, and How to Facilitate It

Teachers teach students not subjects. If teaching is facilitating learning in unique individuals rather than disseminating knowledge to generalized others,...

Exhibit poster

On loan from the Albay Arts Foundation: War, after the War, gathers works of art by American soldiers posted in the Philippines and the Pacific theater...

Novastar Info Session

Interested in joining the Novastar competition show? Look no further, this session will provide you with all the information you need to know to participate...

Friday, March 1