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Biomolecular Sciences Institute

Biomolecular Sciences Institute

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BSI is a multidisciplinary consortium of FIU researchers and educators in science, engineering, medicine and public health, in partnership with community providers coming together to seek innovative solutions for improving individual health and wellness.

Part of the School of Integrated Science and Humanity in the College of Arts, Sciences & Education.

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"How to search 10s of millions of synthetic compounds while only requiring the screening of 300-600 samples"?

Join us for a talk with Dr. Richard A. Houghten, Founder & CEO, Torrey Pines Institute for Molecular Studies, on "How to search 10s of millions of synthetic...

1/11/2019 11:15am
Combating Antibiotic Resistance: Drug Repurposing and Nanoantibiotics

Join us for a talk with Dr. Mingdi Yan, Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Massachusetts Lowell, on "Combating Antibiotic Resistance: Drug...

1/18/2019 11am

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