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CASE Career Preparation

CASE Career Preparation

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Career Preparation is here to help you get ready for an impactful career. Whether you are starting your first semester, about to graduate or already out in the workforce, our team supports all CASE students and alumni.

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Research is For Everyone

Did you know that FIU has research opportunities for undergraduate students? Join us to learn more about some amazing programs right here at FIU. MARC...

9/26 2pm
Designing Your Future Years 3-4

As a third, fourth or transfer student, you may be wondering what you can do during your time at FIU to discover your interests and prepare for your future...

10/3 3pm
Wandering Map

Join the CASE Career team to make your very own wandering map. This career, values, and strengths exploration activity guides participants through creating a...

10/17 11am
Crafting Interview Stories

It’s easy to get off-track while preparing for an interview. Contrary to what you might believe, you don’t need a ton of different experiences to talk...

10/19 11am
Explore Some More

Are you an exploratory student?* Are you looking into career paths and interests as well as post-grad opportunities that connect to your major or...

10/26 2pm

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Statement of Free Expression

FIU endorses the Florida Board of Governors' Statement of Free Expression to support and encourage full and open discourse and the robust exchange of ideas and perspectives on our campuses. In addition to supporting this legal right, we view this as an integral part of our ability to deliver a high-quality academic experience for our students, engage in meaningful and productive research, and provide valuable public service. This includes fostering civil and open dialogue in support of critical thinking in and out of the classroom, including events hosted by the university.