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CEC Career and Talent Development Events

January 29 - February 28, 2023

Tuesday, January 31

CEC - Practical Ways to Perfect Your Elevator Pitch w/Examples

Elevator pitches are helpful in networking, career fairs, and in any type of events. Do you need help with writing and perfecting your elevator pitch? Join...

Thursday, February 2

Tips for Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Do you ever struggle with self-doubt, lack professional confidence, get concerned about being 'unqualified,' or worry that everyone else knows what they're...

Friday, February 3

How to Design an Effective Resume to get the Job

The most important component of your job application is your resume. Not only is a resume a chance to showcase your experience, but it’s also a great way to...

Monday, February 6

Behavioral Tips for a Good Interview

Behavioral interviews focus on a candidate’s past experiences to assess how they will navigate specific situations in the future. Do you know how to prepare...

Tuesday, February 7

CEC Resume Fest- Employers providing resumes critiques to CEC Majors

Employers will be providing resumes techniques to CEC majors. Employers from technology , engineering and companies that hire CEC majors will be in attendance.

Wednesday, February 8

CEC - Why You Need to Do a Technical Mock Interview

A mock interview will give you an opportunity to practice for the interview and receive feedback on your interviewing skills. Join this workshop to learn...

Wednesday, February 22

How to be a Competitive Interview Candidate: Engineer Majors

So you got called into an interview? Now what?! Register for this event if you're interested in... -How to prepare for the interview questions thrown at the...