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Counseling & Psychological Services

Counseling & Psychological Services

Upcoming Events

Building Healthy Relationships

This workshop focuses on learning skills for developing and maintaining healthy relationships with significant people in your life (parent(s), friend(s),...

7/6 10am
Imposter Syndrome

This workshop focuses on increasing recognition and understanding of imposter syndrome, as well as learning tips and tricks to reduce the impact on daily life.

7/7 10am
Calming the Body

Workshop focused on looking at physiological symptoms of anxiety and introducing methods for slowing down and putting our bodies in a relaxed state.

7/11 1pm
EmBody Acceptance

Workshop that aims to create a discussion for students surrounding external and internal factors that impact body image while providing healthy tips and...

7/12 1pm
First/Second-Gen Struggles

Workshop centered on supporting first- and second-generation students from immigrant families with struggles related to navigating classes, living away from...

7/13 10am

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