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Counseling & Psychological Services

Counseling & Psychological Services

Upcoming Events

Managing Relationship Conflicts

Conflicts in relationships are common and are an important part as we get to know people and desire closeness. This session focuses on learning skills for...

10/26 1pm
Improve Reading Comprehension and Retention I

Workshop divided into 2 sessions covering: self-assessment regarding reading strategies, retention abilities, passive reading strategies vs. active reading...

10/27 1pm
Caring for Student Caregivers

Are you a caregiver in need of supportive services? Let CAPS clinicians help you learn about self-care practices, resources and provide emotional support. We...

10/28 10am
Calming the Body

Workshop focused on looking at physiological symptoms of anxiety and introducing methods for slowing down and putting our bodies in a relaxed state. Join on...

10/28 10:30am
Getting Unstuck

​Workshop designed to help student develop a better understanding of what depression is, explore how thoughts and behaviors impact depression, and learn...

10/28 2pm

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