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Counseling & Psychological Services

Counseling & Psychological Services

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Calming the body

Workshop focused on looking at physiological symptoms of anxiety and introducing methods for slowing down and putting our bodies in a relaxed state. ​

9/27 3pm
Perfectionism workshop

Workshop covers the definition of perfectionism, how it can negatively impact student's lives, and specific strategies to overcome it.

9/28 10:30am
Imposter Syndrome

​This workshop focuses on increasing recognition and understanding of imposter syndrome, as well as learning tips and tricks to reduce the impact on daily life.

Getting Unstuck

Workshop designed to help student develop a better understanding of what depression is, explore how thoughts and behaviors impact depression, and learn...

10/5 10am
Calming the Mind

​Workshop focused on increasing insight into the thought patterns that impact anxiety; increasing awareness and understanding are major tools in addressing...

10/7 10am

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