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Department of Biological Sciences

Department of Biological Sciences

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The Department of Biological Sciences at FIU provides training and research opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students in a wide range of biological disciplines.

Part of the School of Environment, Arts and Society in the College of Arts, Sciences & Education.

Upcoming Events

Bioseminar Series: Aquatic insects and the roles of consumptive and nonconsumptive effects in structuring freshwater communities

Seminar by Dr. Matthew Pintar (FIU). Zoom Meeting ID: 947 8104 3947 Passcode: v6D?Za

9/28 3pm
Bioseminar Series: Naturalist-inspired chemical ecology

Seminar by Dr. Shannon Olsson (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research). Zoom Meeting ID: 947 8104 3947 Passcode: v6D?Za

10/5 3pm
Put Your Degree to Work Part II: Employability & STEM

Become your own champion and boost your career readiness & employability during undergrad. Please join us at our second webinar of this series!

10/14 11am
Bioseminar Series: Managing invasions: What’s worked, what hasn’t, and what might

Seminar by Dr. Dan Simberloff (University of Tennessee).Dr. Simberloff will meet with graduate students at 4 p.m. after the talk at 3 p.m. Zoom Meeting ID:...

10/19 3pm

What are your plans after graduation? Are you thinking of going to graduate school or would you like to enter the workforce? To learn more about these...

11/17 2pm

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