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Honors College Dean’s Advisory Board

Honors College Dean’s Advisory Board

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The Honors College Dean’s Advisory Board (DAB) is made up of a group of community leaders from different sectors and industries dedicated to the mission and principles of the Honors College. Members contribute their support, wisdom, and expertise to shape, enrich, and sustain the Honors College and its programs. Members serve as ambassadors to the community and support fundraising to advance the goals of the Honors College and to heighten the visibility of the Honors College in the community.

Upcoming Events

DAB Meeting

The Board members will gather to discuss board business as mandated in the bi-laws 3 times per year.

1/25/2023 6pm
Brew Miami

In Partnership with Brew Miami, the Dean's Advisory Board wil be hosting a VIP Honors College section at the 2023 Brew Miami event taking place on Saturday,...

2/28/2023 6pm
Honors College Medallion

It is with great pride that the FIU Honors College recongizes Honors College alumna Tina Vidal and FIU alumnus Carlos Duart for their ongoing support and...

3/11/2023 10:30am
Juneteenth Logo

Juneteenth celebrates African American freedom and achievement, while encouraging continuous self-development. As recommended in our Equity Action...


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