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FIU Retiree Association Social Hour

Join us and fellow retirees for a virtual warm greeting, a quick conversation, or some mingling during our FIU Retiree Association social hour! Social hour...

9/30 4pm
Fluid Communications: Vertically & Horizontally

We live in a world full of communication modalities. From Zoom, to teams, to WhatsApp, cellphones and more, effective communication requires adaptability,...

10/1 3pm
Employee Time/Leave Submission Deadline

Employee Time/Leave Submission Deadline by 5:00 PM

FIU Retiree Association Tech Day

Looking for ways to help our FIU retirees and seniors learn how to stay connected while social distancing? Have them join our virtual learning opportunity...

Supervisor Approval Deadline

Supervisor Approval Deadline by 2:00 PM


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