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International Forensic Research Institute

International Forensic Research Institute

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IFRI serves local and national law enforcement efforts in the application of scientific principles to the administration of justice.

Part of the School of Integrated Science and Humanity in the College of Arts, Sciences & Education.

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Accuracy and Precision in PCR-MPS Methods

Accuracy and precision determinations are standard components of method validations where they help to describe the performance of methods. Despite their...

10/1 1:30pm
How Does a Mass Casualty Event Impact Staff of the Coroner's Office and is Mindfulness Meditation an Effective Tool for Mediating These Impacts?

This study was conducted in consideration of the horrific event on October 1st in Las Vegas, Nevada, where a gunman opened fire at a crowd of approximately...

10/15 1:30pm
CSI Trees: Solving Timber Theft Crime with DNA

Illegal logging is a worldwide problem that degrades ecosystems, incurs law enforcement costs, and creates market disadvantages for legal forest products. In...

10/29 1:30pm
Crime Scene to Court Room: The Complexity of Forensic Sciences & the Law

A discussion focused on bringing together forensics sciences and the law to create a better criminal justice system. To register, please visit...

11/12 1:30pm
Fieldable Analytical Instrumentation for Safe On-site Identification of Fentanyl and Fentanyl Analogs in Illicit Street Drug Seizures

Illicit fentanyl, often produced in foreign clandestine labs and trafficked into the US in powder and pill form, is primarily responsible for fueling the...

12/3 1:30pm

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