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GL835/Search & Screen Meeting/Sarah Hammill

interviews for S&S

5/28 11:30am
GL220/STEM Research Meeting/Rocio Benabentos

STEM Transformation Institute Research Meeting

5/28 12:30pm
HL175/“All Tied Up” With Fernando Cuetara/Adriana Harris

Join us at the Glenn Hubert Library on the FIU Biscayne Bay Campus as we welcome our newest exhibit, "All Tied Up" by Fernando Cuétara. "All Tied Up" is a...

5/28 4:30pm
HL210/Miami Foodies Focus Group/Judith Williams

Miami Foodies Focus Group

5/29 6pm
GL220/ Junior Scholars/ Gabriela Aguirrechu

FIU Junior Scholars: Finaly Elementary

5/30 9am

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