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Research Center in Minority Institutions - RCMI

Research Center in Minority Institutions - RCMI

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The Research Center in Minority Institutions at Miami Dade’s Florida International University will focus on developing and sustaining a national, clinical and behavioral research program addressing health inequities and disparities primarily associated with HIV and substance use problems for underrepresented minorities.

Upcoming Events

RCMI Professional Development Seminar: Intro to R Commander with Dr. Keith Williams

The Rcmdr (R Commander) package is designed to be easy to use for both novice and experienced R users and provides a wide range of statistical procedures,...

3/31 9am
RCMI Professional Development: Nonparametric Methods for Longitudinal Data with Dr. Keith Williams

Dr. Williams's research interests examine linear models, empirical, methodology, simulation, and graphics. The package "nparLD" is actually an R package for...

3/31 1pm

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