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Colloquium: Bioinspired Design and Robotics, Part II

This is a past event.

Friday, November 30, 2018 at 9:45am to 10:45am

DM - Deuxieme Maison, 409
11200 SW 8th ST 33199, Deuxieme Maison, Miami, Florida 33199

Student Kendon Ricketts (Florida Polytechnic University) gives a follow-up talk to Prof. Ryan Integlia's colloquium: Review of efforts towards bioinspired design and strategy to integrated networked wearables, gaming and robotic systems

This presentation will cover the current and future developments of a complex, extensible, intelligent robotics platform.  The intended use of the platform is for developing bio-inspired swarming robots that are able to gauge their surroundings and act accordingly.  The system is based on Boids, a simple flocking algorithm. The primary focus of this presentation   will be the prior art and development of the platform, as well as the  broad concept of bio-mimicry)

Ricketts' talk is aimed at graduate students and advanced undergraduates.

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