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Earth and Environment Graduate Seminar

This is a past event.

Monday, October 17, 2022 at 2:00pm to 3:05pm

Deuxieme Maison, 100

Title: Exploring the use of low-cost technologies to quantify temporal and spatial variability of Amazonian rivers: a citizen science

By Dr. Paulo Olivas

Abstract: As diverse and complex systems, tropical rivers play a key role in local and regional biogeochemical and hydrological cycles. However, the spatial and temporal variability in environmental conditions in many tropical rivers is poorly understood, often as a result of the high cost associated with monitoring. Several Amazonian countries, like Brazil, have established sophisticated networks for environmental monitoring of the lower part of the basin. However, areas in the Andean headwaters and central Amazon still lack monitoring networks and therefore understanding of the temporal and spatial variability of basic environmental parameters remains limited. Given the size and complexity of the Amazon basin, it would be costprohibitive for a single organization to implement and maintain a monitoring network. Partnerships with local organizations in Amazonian countries can help provide necessary resources to increase spatial information on water resources. I will describe our experiences with the use of low-cost, modular monitoring systems, such as water quality sensors, as well as mobile and web applications for data collection, management, and dissemination. The environmental monitoring network is based on a community science framework in five Amazonian countries.

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