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Fake News: Objectivity, Subjectivity, and the Search for Truth

This is a past event.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020 at 7:00pm

Virtual Event

Post-truth. Alternative facts. Conspiracy theories. Truthiness. FAKE NEWS. In “Fake News: Objectivity, Subjectivity, and the Search for Truth,” journalists, media experts, and philosophers discuss “truth” in the context of data, journalism, mass media, and claims to self. World-renowned journalist Jorge Ramos (Univision, Fusion) has prepared a special message for FIU’s Center for the Humanities in an Urban Environment, which will serve as a talking point for the event. In “Fake News, Objectivity, and Mass Media” Ramos talks about the long history of “fake news” in Mexico, discusses its implications for the United States, and talks about what journalists need to do about it. Join us for this deep dive into the political moment.

“Fake News, Objectivity, and the Mass Media” 
Jorge Ramos, Univision and Fusion 

“Fake News: Journalism, Social Media, and Democracy”
David Park, Florida International University

“Ostensible Objectivity: Machine Learning and its Implications in Criminal Justice and Beyond” 
Clinton Castro, Florida International University

“Subjectivity, Interpretation, Justice”
Ana Luszczynska, Florida International University

"Beyond 'fake news': Building trust with community-centered journalism"
Andrea Wenzel, Temple University

Join us on Zoom or on Facebook (livestream). 
ZOOM - HTTPS://GO.FIU.EDU/99331071912

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