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Master Thesis Proposal Defense

This is a past event.

Thursday, February 4 at 2:00pm to 3:00pm

Virtual Event

Abstract: In-vitro Micropropagation, Acclimatization, and Genebanking of  Endangered and Threatened Native Orchids 

Florida is home to 106 native orchid species with the majority of them being endangered or critically imperiled, according to International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the Institute for Regional Conservation (IRC). Orchid seeds are difficult to grow because they lack endosperm, instead depending on a symbiotic relationship with a mycorrhizal fungus for nutrients which is rare in nature. In-vitro propagation is the fastest method used for multiplication of orchids and has been found to be more efficient than sexual and other vegetative propagation techniques. In this study, three epiphytic and one terrestrial endangered and threatened native orchid species (Oncidium ensatum, Trichocentrum undulatum, epidendrum nocturnum and Encyclia tampensis) will be used on seven different combinations of media and plant growth regulators (PGRs): (MS, KC, MS+1.5mg/L BAP, MS + 1 mg/L BAP+0.5 mg/L NAA, KC + 1.5 mg/L BAP, KC + 1 mg /L BAP + 0.5mg/L NAA and P723). The best media combinations for each orchid will be selected by the end of this experiment. Due to the high plantlet mortality during the introduction and reintroduction stages, three different acclimatization media (Coir, Sphagnum, and Sphagnum+Charcoal) with the application of N20-P20-K20 will be used to maximize the plantlet growth. Phenotypic measurements (leaf numbers, leaf length, plantlet height, light intensity, SPAD measurements, NDVI, pH, and EC) will be conducted every other week. For the cryopreservation, seeds of all species will be pretreated with DMSO, glycerol, and sucrose solution before immersing in the cryogenic (liquid Nitrogen; -196C) tank and viability tests (TTC and post-growth) will be conducted at the end of the experiment. This study aims a) to establish the fast and most efficient in-vitro micropropagation media and PGR combinations, b) to optimize acclimatization media, and c) to establish a protocol for long-term preservation of four endangered and threatened orchids using cryopreservation. 

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