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My child has ADHD: What a parent can do to help their child succeed in school

This is a past event.

Tuesday, May 18, 2021 at 5:00pm to 5:30pm

Virtual Event

Children with ADHD often have a difficult time with staying on top of their schoolwork and keeping up with other students due to inattention, organization problems, and trouble staying on task. Parents of children with ADHD are often at a loss for how to support their child in school. During this webinar, Dr. Merrill will provide information about struggles that children with ADHD in school, and how parents can support their children’s school success. Parents will learn strategies for home-school communication and managing homework time.


About the presenter:

Dr. Brittany Merrill is a postdoctoral researcher and clinician at the Center for Children and Families in WNY. Dr. Merrill joined the team in Buffalo in 2020 and was a doctoral student at FIU working at the CCF in Miami until 2019. Her domains of research are the evidence-based treatment of childhood ADHD as well as the long-term outcomes of ADHD into adulthood. Her work centers around the goals of 1) improving the academic functioning of children with ADHD, and 2) improving the reach and availability of evidence-based behavioral treatments. Toward these goals, she is currently developing technology-assisted behavioral interventions targeting academic functioning and homework management among children with ADHD.

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