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Nile Talk Forum: GERD Reservoir Impacts on the Year 2020 Flood

This is a past event.

Tuesday, June 8 at 8:00am to 9:30am

Virtual Event

This forum brings experts in Nile and other transboundary river issues of the world to discuss experiences in diffusing tensions, sharing the common good, build trust and develop collaboration and cooperation.

Dr. Alem Gebriel | Water Resources Technical Director, WSP USA

GERD Reservoir Impacts on the Year 2020 Flood

This presentation examines establishing a predictive rainfall-runoff model and analyzing the impact of GERD to lessened or eliminate flooding downstream, especially in Sudan. The GERD in 2020 impounded 4.9 BCM of water to the elevation of the center block of the dam which at the end of June was at elevation 560 m. Basin wide HEC-HMS models were developed to estimate the runoff amount and peak flow. Three scenarios were examined: 1) without the presence of GERD, 2) with GERD to the level of construction of the 2020, 3) and with full construction of the GERD in place.

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