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One theorem, three points of view by Professor Tommaso Pacini

This is a past event.

Tuesday, April 19 at 2:30pm to 3:30pm

DM - Deuxieme Maison, 409A
11200 SW 8th ST 33199, Deuxieme Maison, Miami, Florida 33199

Help us welcome Tommaso Pacini from University of Torino.

Consider the standard 2-sphere. Rotations around the z-axis generate a family of orbits, containing a unique maximal orbit: the equator (a geodesic). 

The 2-sphere is Kahler, and rotations are isometries. It turns out that the above picture generalizes to this broad context (which includes for example toric manifolds), leading to an interesting interplay between (i) curvature and volume, (ii) potential theory and Riemannian submersions, (iii) Riemannian, complex and symplectic geometry.

We will also discuss extensions to the recent potential theory on calibrated manifolds due to Harvey-Lawson.

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