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E-Sports: NBA2K

This is a past event.

Wednesday, June 3


Become a champ online! Sign up to play NBA2K on either X-Box or Playstation 4. Registration for this league rund from April 27 - May 12. The season will take place May 13 - June 3. Open only to FIU students or faculty/staff. Sign up:

How It Works:

You will be responsible for challenging your opponents to matches.  You may challenge 5 spots up/down. You may decline 2 challenges. Two teams can play each other up to 3 times. You must complete 4 matches by 6/4/2020.

If the worse seeded opponent wins then they will take the better seeded opponent's place and the better seeded opponent will move down 1 spot, if the better seeded opponent wins then both opponents will remain in their current rankings.

For additional information please e-mail Tom Giles at

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