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The Archive: FIU Student Photography Since 1975 @MMC Green Library

This is a past event.

Saturday, September 30, 2023

GL - Green Library, Gallery at Green Library 2nd Floor
11200 SW 8th ST, Green Library, Miami, Florida 33199

Since 1975, at least two thousand photographs by FIU students accumulated in a closet of the VH111 photo lab at the MMC campus. Some of these mostly 8x10 black and white photographs were in this informal archives because photography instructors requested copies of them as excellent examples of how something looks photographed. Many were just left behind. Over the years, photography students poured over them for inpsiration and ideaa. "Wow! Look at this one!" Three or four hundred of them are extraordinary in the humblest of ways.

The archival prints you see are from scans of the original photographs. With the help of Bryan Cooper at BBC and Vicki Silvera at MMC, these prints will be on display at both libraries into the fall 2023 semester.

It is important to acknowledge the contribution of Lissette Schaeffler who has done a phenomenal job scanning the originals and supervised all production of works you see here. Natalie Wellman and Alex Dominguez have done wonderful work producing the prints in the FIU studios, and JaQuan Turner and Sophia Cortes spent many hours fixing them in Photoshop to make these reproductions flawless. This superb quality of these prints is the product of their efforts and I thank them for making it possible.

I hope you all enjoy these photographs. They will reward your careful attention.

Bill Maguire


FIU Photography Faculty

Carlos Causo
Theresa Diehl
Alex Del Canto
Rolando Dal Pazzo
Ed Del Valle
Priscilla Forthman
Tony Galardi
Jahaira Galvez
Mirta Gomez
Miles Jermanovich
Jack Lyle
Peter McGrath
Bill Maguire
Peggy Nolan
Tony Mendoza
Patti Reiff
Lissette Schaeffler
John Szarkowski


Artist Talk: Visiting Artist Tony Chirinos, 2023 Guggenheim Fellow
September 19, 2023 at 5PM
GL 220

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