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Tierra Media Project Exhibition

This is a past event.

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

FIU CARTA Mana Wynwood 318 NW 23 St, Miami

Tierra Media Project: Making Space for Latine/x/a/o Voices in Search of New Definitions of Engagement with the Land

This exhibition draws together a years-long collaborative process of co-creation around the theme of landscape and identity. Nine designers with roots in Latin America collectively explore their relationship with each other and the land through personal reflection and visual narrative. In the process, they uncover a shared experience of holding rich cultural histories, perspectives, and practices that have been historically undervalued or excluded from the discipline of landscape architecture. Reckoning with centuries of generational trauma, displacement, and erasure, they envision a platform for healing, community, representation, and joy. This project stands as an ongoing, open invitation to rekindle stories of resilience, inspiration, and connection to imagine new futures for our relationship with the Land that transcends the field of landscape architecture. 

Tierra Media Project was developed as part of a 2021-2022 Landscape Architecture Foundation Fellowship for Innovation and Leadership led by Linda Chamorro (Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture at Florida International University) in collaboration with Jessica Arias (Scape Studio), Alexandra Burgos (Scape Studio), Sofia Charro (West 8), Robert Colón (Coastal Vista Design), Carolina English (University of Texas at Austin), Ishaan Kumar (Local Office Landscape Architecture), Daví Parente Schoen (CMG Landscape Architecture/University of Southern California), and Jason Prado (Miridae Landscape Architecture). 

This exhibition is supported by the Department of Landscape Architecture + Environmental and Urban Design (LAEUD) at Florida International University, College of Communications, Architecture + the Arts.

Please contact Colette Mello, , to view by appointment.

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