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UNFOLD Exhibition

This is a past event.

Friday, October 27, 2023

Miami Beach Visual Arts Gallery

Miami Beach Visual Arts Gallery- 1602A Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL.

UNFOLD is a curatorial project that aspires to present artworks influenced by literature, especially poetry, as well as explore the possibility of using creative art writing as exhibition text. In addition, the exhibition explores the concepts such as identity, absence, and reconnection through the extended and intentional use of materials and space.

UNFOLD engages the idea of “in between”; the in-between of physical space (land and ocean, mainlands and islands), and the in-between of conceptual distance (memory loss between generations and within the family). The project presents the work by Cristobal Alday, Jose Luis Garcia, Juan Molina Hernández, Amanda Linares, and Luna Palazzolo.

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