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Eagle Publishing Group
May 28, 2014 11:10 am

Invitation Letter for the Editorial Board member from Eagle Publishing Group (EPG)

Dear Professors,

Journals from EPG is ardent to promote erudite, pragmatic, and contemporaneous research work in various fields. Therefore, EPG has taken an initiative to set-up Journals and categorized the research field for peer –reviewed, open access journals to be published.

We would like to invite people (Who are eligible for below qualifications) to join the elite group of our managing editors who are actively participating in selection of papers and appointing editors for peer review as managing editors and we are certain that with so much enthusiasm and support, we can make our ambitious goal (Empower the world with Expertise) into a reality. We invite you to make a special issue in line with your expertise. If you are interested, please write to .You will receive a follow-up or confirmation email from us within a few days. Once your issue is launched, your editorial profile and special issues will go online.
We request you to send 6-10 lines of achievements and a recent photograph with mail of consent to editor as soon as possible.

Here are our list of Journals:
1. Journal of Novel Immunology
2. Journal of New Science Biotechnology
3. Journal of New Cancer Science& research
4. Journal of Human Pharmocology& Toxicology
5. Journal of Gaming World
6. Journal of Ophthalmology Research

Qualifications of an editor:

Qualifications include a record of significant scholarly achievement; familiarity with the literature in the
Field, clinical research design, and basic concepts of statistics and ethics of research; administrative and
Editorial skills, including familiarity with online peer review systems; capacity for detail work;
Understanding of the international community of scholars and practitioners; and strong interpersonal

Must be Professor,Associate professors, adjunct professors, assistant professors and readers in theor respective fields.
Please send
• CV
• Photo
Roles of editor
• Handling peer review of article
• Promoting at least 5 articles for each volume
• Planning for special issue
• Covering any conference symposia
• Making your own research video
• Encouraging young scientists to write “Mini article”

Sincere Regards
Eagle Publishing Group (EPG)

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