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GL - Green Library

Green Library

11200 SW 8th ST 33199, Green Library, Miami, Florida 33199

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The STEM Transformation Institute is a Research Center focusing on STEM Education research and practice.

1/28 12:30pm
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Spring Developmental brown bags

1/28 12:30pm
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This installation of the Tinker Andes Serices will highlight student research related to Rape and Seduction Lawsuits (Peru) and Kichwa Tour Guides Intimacy...

1/29 11:30am
MMC Graduate Writing Workshop: Writing the Literature Review

Join the Center for Excellence in Writing for a graduate writing workshop. We will discuss tips on writing the literature review, including the synthesis...

1/29 3pm
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This workshop focuses on how to write successful, quality argumentative and analytical papers assigned in history survey courses, as well as the humanities...

1/30 2pm

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Heal Screening


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Lys Borges

Lys Borges left a positive review 4/16/2019

It was a great, calming and heart opening experience in the middle of the finals week! Well indeed ! There was sounds therapy, reiki and yoga to put your mind back in place and focus for finals ! Thank you !

Eva Haddock

Eva Haddock left a positive review 2/6/2019

It's great to take time to reflect, meditate, and meet new people