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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Who manages this calendar?
Events are managed by event admins in given departments or organizations at FIU. The calendar is managed by the FIU Division of Information Technology and the Division of Strategic Communications.

How do I send feedback?
Contact the web manager.

Who can sign up for the calendar?
Anyone, you may sign up with an FIU Panther ID and password or other email account.

Who can add events?
Anyone, but event submissions must be approved by an event admin.

Event admins can add events directly to the calendar and approve all other events that fall under their organization or department. You should be an employee with an FIU department or organization to become an admin.

How can I add events?
Most users can add events by filling out the event submission form. You can edit created events from the dashboard.

Event admins should add and edit events using the Calendar Admin dashboard.

What images can I use on my event?
Only images for which you own the copyrights to may be used on the FIU Calendar. Admins and editors are responsible for assuring no copyright infringements have been made. You may use images which you have purchased the rights to, images you or your unit have created and images from the FIU Flickr account.

Who can create an organization page?
Not every organization can get their own page. Page requests are approved by the web manager.

Why isn’t my event posting?
It may be pending approval from your event admin. Only event admins may submit events directly.

My event isn’t on the Building page or the location field looks odd. What’s wrong?
You may have added the location incorrectly. Add building location by entering the building code i.e. Graham Center is GC. Otherwise, they will not attach to the Building page, making your event harder to find. Find the right code in Campus Maps. Select the campus from the menu on the top left and then under "What are you looking for?" choose Buildings.

How do I get admin access?
Contact your event admin or if you do not have one, contact the web manager.

How do I grant admin access?
If you are an event admin, you may grant access to others from the Calendar Admin dashboard.