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Come embrace the REAL you in an environment of no judgments or labels.

From some of FIU’s finest health speakers to an international non-profit organization, this year’s Educational event will be the day where lives are change and love is spread.

The Best Buddies Organization is the world’s largest organization dedicated to ending the social, physical isolation of the people with mental or physical disabilities.

This event will encourage college students to help and reach out to those in need.

 Panther Love…Panther Pride!    

LXV Lounge: Haunted


Panthers! It’s time to dust off the broomstick and pull out the cloak.

We welcome you to celebrate the most beautiful time of the year with us!

Come indulge in our great food and take advantage of our amazing giveaways.

Dance the night away, take many pictures and enjoy the performers!



Join us Tuesday, October 21, from 7-11 PM in the WUC Ballrooms!