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APP Workshop: Involvement 101

This workshop will cover different ways to get involved on campus, what organizations FIU offers and what benefits students can receive from being active and involved at the university. We will also be able to answer any questions participants may have about different clubs and organizations on campus and help to provide information on choosing the right one for them. 

APP Workshop: Success Over Stress

First semesters can be overwhelming. Most students are juggling academics, work, social events, professional opportunities, personal lives, etc. and this can become a lot to handle all at once, however, First Year Programs is here to help! Join us for our workshop so that we can work with you to show what strategies you can use to manage or overcome stress and focus on being successful during your college experience.

APP Workshop: Finding the “You” in Your Major

Did you know that on average, college students change their major at least three times over the course of their college career, according to the National Center for Education Statistics? If you’re feeling unsure about your major choice, then we strongly encourage for you to attend our workshop where we’ll help you look into the different majors offered at FIU, discover tools to assess your strengths, and feel confident in the academic options that you can take advantage of as a student. Together, we can help you to not be part of that statistic!