Reception:Open Research Labs at MBUS


Open Research Labs at MBUS

Come join us for refreshments and discussion about our latest work and research projects at the MBUS labs. Free and open to the public.

Meet our researchers and professors:

Tiffany Troxler- FIU Sea Level Solutions Center 

Nick Gelpi- Gelpi Projects 

Roberto Rovira- Robert Rovira Studios

Eric Goldemberg- MONAD studio 

Jacek Kolasinski – Artist in Residence 

Orlando Jacinto Garcia- Composer in Residence 

Peter Licavoli- Arc+ Buildworks 

Richard Florida- Creative Class Group 

Thomas Spiegelhalter- Associate Professor and Co-Director of the Structural and Environmental Technologies Laboratory

Workshop: Intuitive Drawing with Clive King


Two day workshop

Friday, September 2, 2016

9 AM – 5 PM

Saturday September 3, 2016

9 AM – 3 PM

Opening Reception to display final product from workshop Saturday, September 3, 3016 at 6:00pm

 All work created will be on display in the Main gallery from September 3-9, 2016

If you would like to participate please contact Liane Sippin at Lsippin@fiu.edu, availability is limited.

This type of workshop isn’t an end itself but it is generally an opening up process and does allow the person engaged to consider option/directions and media connections that might not have been apparent before. Drawing is the engine that drives the workshop but many of the works turn into paintings, collages or even 3 D constructions.

Moreover, this is an intense, absorbing, experience which initially demands a total physical and mental commitment. The first part creates the condition of work, the pace, and channeling, automatic response, given momentum by the shared experience of the ‘group dynamic’. Each student will work on a large piece of paper which will build and change as the workshop progress.

In the first day we will go through a fluid series of approaches, interactions and interpretations. The pace by a wide  variety of music which helps drive the pace and nature of the workshop.

Although there still instruction in the second day the pace is mainly set by the need to bring the work to some kind of resolution before setting up the exhibition in the afternoon. A volunteer hanging committee will be sorted from the group and the whole group will help the committee hang the show.

Although the groups are mainly fine art students, many graphic design, architect, time based media and photography students have found the experience highly worthwhile. The workshop works well on the BA, BFA and MFA levels or a mixture of all levels.

To learn more about FIU Professor Emeritus Clive King click, here.

Open Mic at Miami Beach Urban Studios


The Open Mic series is intended to provide a forum for self-expression to members of our community, to foster and nurture empowerment and self-esteem.

Occurring monthly in the Main Gallery, this is a safe zone for expression and sharing. You can pre-register to perform – any thing you’d like at the mic, be it Spoke Word/Poetry, Rap, Prose, Narrative, Monolog, Comedy, Song, Dance or other, all are welcome, encouraged, accepted and safe here.

Please come, join and support. Your presence is appreciated and honored, and genuinely lifts the spirit of our community.

For more on the work of Miami Beach Urban Studios Distinguished Affiliate Robert Zuckerman, please click here.

Free Public Rehearsal: Amernet String Quartet at Miami Beach Urban Studios

amernet string quartet

The Amernet String Quartet, Ensemble-in-Residence at Florida International University, is delighted to introduce acclaimed violinist Tomas Cotik as its new second violinist. Among the highlights of this season are the Amernet’s return to the John F. Kennedy Center for The Performing Arts as a guest on Pro Musica Hebraica, tours of Taiwan and Israel, and appearances throughout the country. Locally, the Amernet is proud to lead the inaugural year of FIU’s Jewish music series, a sequence of five concerts at the Jewish Museum of Florida, in collaboration with distinguished guests and artists from Florida Grand Opera.

World Betterment™ Symposium at Miami Beach Urban Studios

World Betterment

Join Robert Zuckerman and FIU for the World Betterment Symposium. A gathering in which students, tomorrow’s visionaries and thought leaders, will present ideas of making our world better. Ideas in science, technology, industry, agriculture, transportation, energy, health and wellness, culture, religion, politics communication and more.

Tuesdays With Julian: A Series of Musically-Illustrated Conversations


To learn more about Julian Kreeger’s involvment with FIU, please visit here.

To visit the Friends of Chamber Music of Miami, please visit their website here.

Jon Samuels produced the recently issued Sony 41 CD set of the unedited live performances of Vladimir Horowitz made over a forty year period in Carnegie.  This set was made available for the first time.