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Internship Search Strategies

Searching for an internship is a job in itself. Attend this workshop to learn about tools and strategies to assist with your search. We will review resources for finding internships (e.g. Handshake, LinkedIn, The Muse) and networking (e.g. student organizations, classmates, professional associations, LinkedIn company pages, on campus events), and will encourage you to create an action plan for your search.

Job Search Strategies

Whats your Leadership Style?

There are 8 specific skills that all employers want to see within their future hires and “Leadership” is one of the top skills on the list. We all define as ourselves as leader, but what are the qualities that truly make a leader and how do you as an individual exemplify and display these qualities in action and word? Come out to learn more about what type of leader you are and how to showcase that to employers.


Preparing for Career Fair/Conferences

Learn how to navigate the ins and out of attending a career/technical conference as a student. Including how to best prepare for a conference, identifying communication strategies for use before, during and after the career fair, and lastly how to successfully network with employers and stand out positively from the crowd.