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Career Expo

This event will host over 50 employers, 100 professionals and 25 industry leaders for all majors and careers.  

If you are travelling from MMC then you may ride free (return trip) on the GPE shuttle and to attend Career EXPO at BBC.  Registration to ride the shuttle will end once capacity has been met or by March 29th at 12 noon.  Please complete registration to ride shuttle on handshake.


Networking Skills

Professional Dining Etiquette Dinner

Attend Spring 2018 Professional Dining Etiquette Dinner and learn how to dine like a diplomat! Know the fine points of professional dining etiquette and gain a significant advantage over the competition. Our Professional Dining Etiquette training consists of a dinner setting at which participants dine while being instructed on professional dining etiquette. Registration is required to reserve your spot and professional business attire required. This is a FREE event for students (subject to availability) however there will be a $25.00 reservation fee that will ONLY be charged, if students do not attend, or cancel by March 2nd.


How Critical Thinking Affects Your Job Search

There are 8 specific skills that all employers want to see within their future hires and “Critical Thinking/Problem Solving” is one of the top skills on the list. Come out to learn more about how to consciously implement critical thinking into what you do and how to showcase that to employers.Internship Search Skills