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Fashion Revolution Event

Calling all Fashion Revolutionaires! Join us for the first ever Fashion Revolution event in Miami! 

Fashion Rev is a global movement where cities around the world raise awareness of the fashion industry and prompt the question #WhoMadeMyClothes? It is a way to promote sustainable and ethical practices within the industry and help people become more conscious of where their clothes come from, how it was made and who made them. 

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Bring up to 5 pieces of gently worn or unused clothes and swap it for something you will love and value

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Shop local, sustainable and ethical brands that are leaders in the fashion movement in Miami. 






Sea Level Rise and Civic Response in the City of Miami


Code for Miami, the Sea Level Solutions Center, and the School of Communication and Journalism are pleased to host Jane Gilbert, newly appointed Chief Resiliency Officer of the City of Miami, for an invigorating discussion about how data and technology may be used to help citizens and local agencies mitigate against and adapt to impacts of sea level rise and climate change.

This event is free, please RSVP here.

Operation Opportunity

Veterans Workshop

The Career and Talent Development Office will be partnering with Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, 38 H.O.T. Miami, Leadership Miami, United Way, and South Florida Progress Foundation to present this professional development session for our veterans!

For additional information, reach out to Mercedes Dericho at mdericho@fiu.edu or call 305-919-5770.

Roundtable with FIU faculty experts on the Impact of Castro’s Death in Miami

Cuba in the Post-Fidel and Trump Era

Roundtable with FIU faculty experts on the Impact of Castro’s Death on the Cuban-American Community in Miami
Thursday, December 8, 2016 | 10AM – 12 PM | FIU Modesto A. Maidique Campus | GC 150

Join the Steven J. Green School of International and Public Affairs for the third in a series of roundtable discussions on Cuba in the Post-Fidel and Trump Era.

This session will focus on how Castro’s death will impact Miami and the Cuban-American community, including effects on inter-generational relations, immigration and the Cuban Adjustment Act.

Expert panel featuring:

  • Eduardo Gamarra, professor, Department of Politics and International Relations and founder of the Latino Public Opinion Forum, the first university initiative in Florida to study the impact of Hispanic voters on U.S. politics
  • Sebastián A. Arcos, associate director, Cuban Research Institute and former advisor to the U.S. State Department on human rights issues in Cuba
  • Michael Bustamante, assistant professor of Latin American history, specializing in modern Cuba, Cuban America and the Caribbean and former research associate for Latin America Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations in D.C.

This program is free and open to all. For more information, call 305-348-7266.

Co-sponsored by:
Kimberly Green Latin American and Caribbean Center • Cuban Research Institute  • Jack D. Gordon Institute for Public Policy • Office of Global Learning Initiatives • FIU Honors College.

People’s Climate March

Join us to demand climate justice for all people in Miami. It is high time to activate our city as we are ground zero for sea level rise and income inequality. We will meet at Government Center at 1:00 and March to the Torch of Friendship at 2:00. Art making workshops and weekly planning meetings on Wednesdays at New Florida Majority.

We need artists, musicians, mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers, teachers, students, workers, scientists, and activists to come out and protect our city from rising waters, stronger storms, and injustices in our community. Come to our meetings and bring your friends, everyone is needed and welcome.

In order to be environmentally friendly, please bring your own water bottle! We will have water stations at the rally, and paper cups if you don’t have a bottle. 

Organizing partners:
New Florida Majority
Catalyst Miami
SEIU Florida
The CLEO Institute
Urban Paradise Guild
Institute for Civic Engagement and Democracy, MDC
Environmental Action
Floridians for Solar Choice
League of Women Voters, Miami Dade
Resilient Miami
Mavi Says
350 South Florida
Progressive Rags
No on 1
Southern Alliance for Clean Energy

Black Lives Matter Alliance Broward
Food and Water Watch
Madre Tierra
Earth Ethics Institute, MDC
Environmental Education Partners
Rubenstein Family Chiropractic 
Rep. Jose Javier Rodriguez

Sea Level Solutions Day

The Sea Level Solutions Center (SLSC) and Office of University Sustainability at Florida International University are teaming up with Eyes on the Rise to collect data on King tides and flooding in the community, with your help! See here for more information on King tides, and RSVP at the following link: https://goo.gl/forms/PlBeXaKZrM8HoVQD3


The SLSC is inviting community members to participate in flood reporting (via the Eyes on the Rise app) at different locations around Miami. Participants will be given “citizen science kits” and provided with instructions on how to collect useful data by taking simple measurements of flooding. We will then reconvene at the venue (Vizcaya Village & Garage) to view the results of their work on a projected map. 


7:30am-8:00am          Samplers check-in (distribute citizen science kits and info/location placards)

8:00am-8:30am           Introduction and presentations

8:30am-8:45am           Demonstration of citizen science sampling kits

8:45am                        Sampling time starts – groups with Team Leaders go out for sampling at various locations

9:15am-10:15am         Peak sampling time (groups with Team Leaders go out for sampling at various locations)

10:45am                      Sampling Ends

11:30am                      Samplers reconvene

11:30am                      Presentation, team prizes and closing performance

12:00am                     Event ends

Adopt-a-Tree Miami-Dade County

The Adopt-a-Tree program provides Miami-Dade single-family or duplex homeowners with two FREE trees every year. Single-family homeowners adopted more than 190,000 trees since the program’s inception in 2001.

Trees reduce air-conditioning costs by providing shade, while a good landscape improves a home’s appearance. Trees also help increase a property’s real estate value and reduce flooding by absorbing excess rain water. They also help to remove significant amounts of carbon dioxide from the air every year. Carbon dioxide is considered to be a leading factor affecting climate change.