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Nature Preserve Volunteer Day- Native Orchids

Show your Panther Pride at the Preserve!!! The FIU Nature Preserve (NP) provides many opportunities for students and non-students to get involved in various volunteer activities. We have projects and activities for all skill levels; such as but not limited to: tree and brush cutting, invasive species control, plantings, habitat improvements, and nature/ recreation trails maintenance. 

Today’s volunteer day will focus on maintenance of our native orchids within the Preserve.

All volunteer shifts are 2 hours and include a short tour of the preserve. If a volunteer or class would like to participate in a volunteer activity that starts or ends at a different time or date an event request form must be submitted 2 weeks prior for approval. This helps to ensure the Naturalist is aware of the special arrangement and can accommodate your request. Individuals who do not make arrangements in advance will not be allowed to interrupt the naturalist due to the logistical and safety risk posed to the work plan and expected participants.

·       Registration is not mandatory for individuals. If you have a group of 5 or more people, please notify us 2 weeks prior so we can properly staff. You can contact the Office of University Sustainability at (305) 348-3717, GoGreen.FIU.edu, or GoGreen@fiu.edu

·       Be on time. The Naturalist has the ability to turn away anyone who arrives more than 10 minutes late. Volunteers are responsible for their own parking (visitors must park/pay at metered spaces).

·       Meet at the east entrance of the Nature Preserve at the Nature Preserve Map sign at the entrance of the trail next to Parkview West.

·       Come prepared. Closed toe shoes required, long pants/ sleeves, hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen are recommended. Volunteers should bring a reusable water bottle and we will provide ice-cold drinking water.

To schedule an internship, or conduct research at FIU’s Nature Preserve or Henington Island contact the Office of University Sustainability at (305) 348-3717, GoGreen.FIU.edu, or GoGreen@fiu.edu


All participants are required to sign a release form prior to participation. Volunteers under the age of 18 must have parental signature. No children under 16 may be left unattended. Please contact for information on access for persons with disabilities.

Seminar – My Sabbatical in Hong Kong: Quantifying the Wild Orchid Trade in China

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 8.09.24 AM

Dr. Hong Liu, PhD, Biological Sciences, Earth & Environment

Dr. Liu is an ecologist with research interests in invasive species biology and conservation ecology. Her research areas include plant mating systems, population viability analysis and plant-animal interactions (seed dispersal, insect pollination, and insect herbivory). Her current research addresses important environmental issues such as predicting horticultural plant naturalization, the ecological consequences of specialized invasive pollinator and invasive mutualism. She also interested in rare plant restoration, especially endangered orchids. She is currently leading several conservation and restoration research projects in a remote area in southwestern China where the first orchid nature preserve is situated. She teaches courses in restoration ecology and invasive species ecology.